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Guide and Bike Tour for Cyclists in Italy 

Thanks to a bicycle and Nicola experience, everything is possible!


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If you want to organize or live a simple bike trip, a holiday or an epic climb of cycling, write me as weel ! 

Umbrail Rides Day 9.9.17  

Bike and Wine Franciacorta 

Gussago ( Brescia ) Italy 

50 cyclists found themselves in a historic wine cellar in Franciacorta. After a light breakfast, their path was discovered around the Franciacorta hills and then into the final at the Nistisino climbing, challenging ascent on the shores of Lake Iseo. The day's goal of the 1st Umbrail Rides Day, organized by Cycling Passion Tours, was to leave and go all together, overtaking as much as possible the day's difficulties and getting all together to the cellar where we were expecting a huge refreshment and goblets of wine offered by the LA SANTISSIMA DI GUSSAGO mother house, which produces excellent Franciacorta wines.

Holiday and fun for all 50 cyclists, ready to ride on a ride for another Cycling Passion Tours event.

Umbrail Colosseum Week 6.10.17

Roma and cycling is possible !!! 

Roma - Italy 

When it comes to Rome it is immediately thought that it is a city not suitable for bicycles, but Cycling Passion Tours has shown that not only can you ride in the eternal city but also do a mini holiday with a bicycle race with more than 700 riders   shadow of Colosseum. That is why the idea of ​​the Umbrail Colosseum Week was born, in collaboration with the newly-created brand of clothing made in Italy for cyclists, to be able to live and to know Rome as never before seen! Appointment on Friday 4th October 2017 in the Monteverde, part of the pretty and quiet city easy to reach both by car and by means of the means. Bikes on Friday as well as then on Saturday morning, visiting together with the rest of the group the various hills of the Eternal City, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Place, the Gianicolo with City View and much more without forgetting the various relax relaxation for a good Italian coffee and an ice cream attached. The Cycling Passion Tours group has been planning a beautiful and great dinner at the GRAZIA GRAZIELLA restaurant in Trastevere, a pre-race "little bike" dinner but typical of "Romana" and of great quality, we recommend anyone to visit us and taste their "space dishes" , all ready for the third and last day of the Colosseum Week, with Granfondo Campagnolo Roma on Sunday. Beautiful race very well organized to discover the hills outside Rome and beyond. Experience to repeat because in addition to a group of fantastic cyclists there was a set of situations under the magical organization of Nicola who, have made this mini holiday unique.

Umbrail Tuscany Style

Terre di Casole Bike Hub - Fattoria Cielsereno 

Casole d'Elsa ( Siena )

Have you ever dreamed of eating, resting preparing your bike for a Tuscan tour starting daily from an Italian farm? Well this was possible for the participants of the 1' Umbrail Tuscany Style, the meeting was on the 27-28-29 October at the Farmhouse Cielsereno in the territory of Casole d'Elsa in the province of Siena Tuscany. 

Everything absolutely fantastic, relax, good food and good wine accompanied the three bicycle days. Every day we were accompanied by the sun, the unpaved roads suitable routes for every cyclist in these beautiful territories.

The program was simple, on Friday, 80 km to the territory of Volterra, on Saturday passage in direction of Siena and its Place Del Campo and then to the Chianti Classic area for a total of 160 km, quite demanding but faced with simplicity and team spirit.

The last day was a day when he was pedaling for about two hours without big pats and with a lot of relaxation with the goal of seeing himself again soon.